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Welcome to the entrepreneurship module, a module that aims to gather the most important skills of an entrepreneur figure and the key aspects when designing a business model, through theory and practical exercises.
In Section One we will analyse some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur figure, among which we find: vision, proactivity, planification, synergy, communication, motivation and negotiation. We will deepen into each one in the following pages, and exemplify each concept to help grasp their meaning clearer. Although we possess most of these traits in bigger or smaller amounts, there is no need to worry about having all of them, as these are professional skills that we can all work on.
In Section Two we will show the process of generating ideas and an example of such process that will inspire you for your first entrepreneurship project. You will have to select what are you going to work on, hence, your project idea. This second section will be based on an easy methodology aimed at benefiting our business model: the Canvas model, a tool that helps us generate a business plan in a quick and visual way while detailed and organized. The model allows us to have a clearer understanding between products, customers, distribution, etc., having all nine elements that compose the business plan at a glance.

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